Wind & Fire Motorcycle Club  National Rally

                   Dallas Rides to Hill City SD August, 2007


Six Chapter 8 members rode from Dallas to Hill City this year. The rides were staggered during the week with riders leaving from Tuesday through Saturday to make the 1100+ mile journey. Jerry Rushing, Jim & Judy Pharr, Gary & Mindy Lovell and Chris Russell along with Scott Parsley from Mid-Cities Chapter. Friends Steve & Sandy and family Don & Pat Lovell and Phil & Rhonda Lovell completed the group from the Dallas area.

Monday was a good riding day in the Black Hills, ending up at the Bellwood Chapter cookout at Lake Pactola. We really enjoyed the Italian beef with all the fixing’s and seeing old friends Terry & Janet Heflin and all the Bellwood gang. Members from Philadelphia, Chicago, Denver, Wisconsin and all over California and the rest of the US were treated to a great dvd on the history of Wind & Fire MC, presented by President John (JR) Robbins.

Tuesday was our traditional ride on Needles Hwy for the sunrise and the tunnels going to Mt Rushmore, Sylvan Lake and the pigtails on Iron Mountain Road. The Alpine Inn in downtown Hill City was our destination for the National Rally picture and parade. It was awesome to hear the roar echo through the hills.

The rally ride ended in Rockerville with some good speeches and awards.

We were especially glad to see Jerry Eibert, the Founder of Wind & Fire Motorcycle Club. Two more Texas members received recognition for 4 for 4 rides in 2007. From Dallas Jerry Rushing and from Mid-Cities Scott Parsley.

John Robbins reminded everyone to visit the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum to see the Wind & Fire display, set-up by historian Mary Walker.  Free to WFMC members, it featured a wonderful history of the club and Jerry Eibert’s vest with patches. Very cool! Many other motorcycle clubs were represented and some great antique bikes shown.

Wednesday we rode through Spearfish to Roughlock Falls. That evening we cooked burgers for a few of the Bellwood gang. We had a great visit and agreed to meet again next year at our cabin in Newton Fork Ranch.

Thursday, after a ride to Thunder Road to see Honorary member Rick Fairless, we had to go to Deadwood to see our favorite outlaw singer, Yancy de Veer, wailing at the Stockade and maybe have a few beers. And the ride was pretty nice, too. We couldn’t find a bad ride this year and hardly any rain.

We reluctantly headed home after a great week with some really great members.

Next year we’ll be back.

Gary & Mindy Lovell